Duegood is a social marketing and communication design firm that helps for-profit and non-profit organizations develop, market and promote socially positive endeavours.

We help companies and organizations develop campaigns to assist and communicate issues pertaining to health, environment, human resources and governance. At Duegood, we draw on our 20 years of traditional marketing skills and knowledge to address socially sensitive issues.

Whether these issues arise in a for-profit or a non-profit context, we balance your need to do good with your need to be self-sustaining. We offer reflection, analysis, strategy, ideas, options and the formation of creative communications for your company or cause.

At Duegood, we listen. And then we help you make it happen.

Social Marketing. What's it all about?

Social marketing is the engagement in, and communication of social causes by businesses and non-profit organizations. It is the act of building the awareness of good ideas, meaningful social causes and/or effective solutions and to make them prominent in the marketplace.

The aim is to maintain high standards of integrity for benefit in the workplace, in the environment and for society at large. (Think of it as the promotion of issues that people find meaningful.)